S.T.E.M.(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Through innovation programs and proven curriculums, we encourge the childs natural curiosity and foster a desire for lifelong learning in the areas of S.T.E.M.


A variety of art projects are completed throughout the year.  For the Christmas program, many of the students created their costumes.

Music is a regular part of the program as well.  Music is incorporated in a variety of events such as the Christmas program and the graduation program.

Events & Activities

Throughout the year there are many fun events, field trips, parties & parades.

Field trips are a big part of the educational experience.  A trip to Disney World is an annual event.  Build a Bear workshop, held at the Falls, is a delight for the children as well as providing many learning opportunities and teachable moments.

Build A Bear Workshop is an annual event that gets the kids involved in a hands on project that they can take home and treasure for a lifetime.


Professional photographers document milestones and achievements.  Individual school photos are taken as well as group photos and graduation photos.

Spirit of Giving

The children learn to be caring, giving individuals by participating in various charible activities.

  • Collected booties for children in Haiti
  • Shared produce with neighbors

The Donald L. Henry Scholarship